How Sellers Can Prepare For A Buyer’s Home Inspection

Owners who are looking to sell their homes are always asking one question, “What will the home inspector look for and how can I be prepared?” Knowing what to expect during the home inspection can make the entire process easier to help ensure an accurate, stress-free inspection.

Here are some factors on how sellers can prepare for a buyer’s home inspection.



Before you get started on selling your home, go through a thorough cleaning and grooming of the exterior of the home.

  • Clean out any debris from the roof and dirty gutters.
  • Ensure that all water from the basement, downspouts and condensation are drained.
  • Repair any signs of damage
  • Groom the trees, brushes, roots for maintenance
  • Get rid of soil or mulch and clear the siding.



Once the exterior has been duly inspected and well-managed, then it is time to move on to the interior of the home.

  • Check the heating and cooling filters yourself and replace or clean if needed.
  • Test the smoke detectors to ensure that each is properly working.
  • Have the fireplace or chimney services and provide the potential buyer and inspector a copy of the cleaning record.
  • Replace the light bulbs.
  • Clean Out the Attic, garage, heating system, crawl space and all other areas necessary
  • Inspect all utilities of the home, including the water, furnace, electricity, heater and air conditioner.
  • Clear all furniture, toys, and any other personal items that may block access to the rooms and crawl spaces.

Kitchens & Bathrooms


These areas are the most inspected regions of the home. Ensure that the next meet to the inspector’s requirements.

  • Ensure that all plumbing fixtures – such as the tub, toilet, sinks, and shower are all in great conditioner
  • Fix any leaks
  • Inspect the bath ventilators to ensure that they are vented properly and in excellent condition
  • Remove all unnecessary items under the sink for proper and quick inspection.

Attics & Basement


These spaces are prone to mold and mildew growth, which will be inspected.

  • Check and update proper vapor barriers
  • Install window wells if they are below the grade
  • Remove any gas, wood, solvents or paint materials

The following guide will help you prepare for your home inspection and keep you well-informed on what to expect. Ensure that the following are well-inspected for positive results. Please note that BeSure Home Inspection services works with qualified professional Kelowna real estate agents like the The Wright Team. We pride ourselves in working with the area’s top realtors.