Common Home Inspection Findings & Their Fixes

All of us know our home well, at least we think we do. However, an inspection expert with lesser emotions about the house might view it in a different manner. It will give you a greater insight of the property’s situation so you know what to expect for maintenance costs in the future.

Most of the home inspections show similar outcomes. Some common issues and their fixes have been listed below. You can inspect and fix them yourself which shall save you a fair amount of cash:

Shoddy wiring:
One of the most common issues found during house inspection is with electrical wiring. It can be anything from a glitch in the main circuit or just a tiny wire rip.
Most of the times electrical problems arise because of old and over-fused wiring. Other commonly discovered problems include improperly attached circuit breakers and receptacle issues.
Electrical issues should be dealt with on high priority because it could cause a fire and serious damage if not fixed in time.

boiler inspections

Man inspects a Boiler in Red Deer

Roof Leakage:
This problem mostly occurs in old house structures. In case roof leakage is left unattended, it can cost cause vital damage. One or two small leaks might not cause much damage however when mold forms on these that’s when it gets serious. A simple practice to keep a check on these leaky situations is to hire an ASHI-certified home inspector to come and check your place on a bi-annual or at least annual bases.
Always hire someone that would just find problems and inform you about them, not for the sake of fixing them and getting paid for it.

Dank Basements:
This is ultimately the most common problem with homes these days. It has also been said by Frank Lesh, who works for the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), that the basement seepages are being found more often.

These small seepages may lead to a fully flooded basement if they are not taken care of. This issue arises because of cracks that arise in a home’s foundation.

Dank basements can be fixed by repairing wall cracks yourself. However, if the issue becomes serious, consulting a waterproofing consultant would be the better choice.