a1Be Sure Home Inspection is the leading home inspection company that offers full-service reviews. Located in British Columbia, we are proud to serve our local clients since 1991.

At Be Sure Home Inspection, you will receive the best professional service and more. We are a team of licensed consultants certified by ASTTBC with over ten years of experience. We spend hours on site making sure we don’t miss even the slightly detail of the present conditions of the home.

We care for your best interest and provide you with an in-depth, detailed report that it sent within the same day of the service. As your personal team of home consultants, we take pride in making your home our priority and strive for professional excellence.

Be Sure Home Inspection examines all aspects of safety, structural, construction, mechanical, and more. We provide a narrative report with images and document all obvious issues. We are dedicated to service and representing you with professionalism, integrity, and the absolute highest standards.

Be Sure Home Inspection understands that a thorough examination can help save you trouble and give you a peace of mind with making the right choice for your home.